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opuluxe beauty everglam sponge the best makeup sponge for makeup application opuluxe beauty everglam sponge the best makeup sponge for makeup application


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opuluxe beauty everglam sponge opuluxe beauty everglam sponge



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haute liner




SUGAR LIPLINER paired with BOMBSHELL LIPGLOSS is a must I'm obsessed absolutely love the colour the liners draw on so easy 😍


Not even exaggerating when I say SUPERNOVA LIPLINER is definitely the best brown liner I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot). The smooth application is definitely my favourite thing about this liner along with the deep pigmentation. Another one I will be restocking.


FORBIDDEN LIPLINER is a true gem! The application is so effortless and smooth, it literally just glides across my lips! The creamy texture allows me to create an even line, so my lips are left looking seamless. And, the lip liner stays in put throughout the day. It is just absolutely gorgeous!!! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good day to day liner to reach for!


Gorgeous! My new fav new gloss - IN THE NUDE. I love this shade it’s perfect! I love the formula of this gloss! I love how pigmented it is and the packaging is so cute!!


ON SMOKE LIPGLOSS is a pretty colour, love the natural look it gives off, definitely my favourite for natural makeup looks. Layers on very well and pairs well with lip liners for enhanced makeup looks. Love the texture, moisture and durability.


BOMBSHELL LIPGLOSS is such a beautiful colour paired with a darker liner I also use on my clients it’s so versatile the texture is creamy and not sticky love these glosses 😍😍


BOMBSHELL Haute Gloss is an absolute gem in my makeup bag… it’s everything I could ask for! The formula is incredibly lightweight, non-sticky and applies so effortlessly. The glossy finish is absolutely stunning, giving my lips a shine that lasts for hours. I love this shade because I can wear it not only in the day but for a night out too. It’s an absolute must have!!!!!


I was amazed by how natural these AU NATURELLE lashes appeared. They achieve a perfect balance of length and volume! The lashes are so comfortable to wear, meaning I can wear them throughout the day and even into the evening, making them perfect for every occasion. They are super easy to apply (especially for someone who never usually goes for falsies) and can be reused multiple times. I would definitely recommend! X


MAYA LASHES are such pretty lashes!! Omg I’m in love with how good these lashes look on! They’re so pretty and are perfect for any glam! They’re super easy to use and apply.


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